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Anything But Neutral Sweater

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We saw it, we liked, we bought it. Here' why, Our Anything But Neutral Sweater is, well anything but neutral. We pictured all the fall and holiday family photos covering frigs and mantels with an amazing woman just beaming with confidence in this sweater. We saw all the college classes with young women shining with boost of confidence in their new sweater anxiously waiting for their class to end and their evening to begin. The teacher shaping young minds looking effortlessly put together and stylish after a long night of grading papers and lesson plans. The new mom who is starting to feel her old groove comeback around looking stylish, confident and cozy strolling the isles at her favorite stores. The pumpkin patches that make the best backdrop for candid shots of Fall fun and bliss where this sweater would be worn. Basically, if Fall was a sweater this would be it.   

  •  Long sleeve loose turtleneck sweater
  •  colorblock detail.
  • Unlined.
  • Knit.
  • Non-sheer.
  • Mediumweight.
  • Shoulder to Hem
  • Lose fit around the waist 
  • Ribbed cuff sleeve 
  • Model is 4’11” wearing a small
  • Fits true to size
  • sizing up gives you a wider fit not longer fit